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HAT?E FOUNDS  AX  EMPIRE                               1§5
as the Hindus are concerned the Muslims can go and...well
you know what they can go and do. And this smouldering hatred
oven rang from Savarkar the tortured admission that India was
"not an Unitarian and homogeneous nation/ but the product of
centuries of cultural, religious, and national antagonism. 'Let us
bravely face the unpleasant facts,9 he proclaimed. "There are two
nations in India, the Hindus and the Muslim*.9
So far, so good. It was something to obtain such a confession
from a representative Hindu leader of such wide responsibility.
But unfortunately, in the same breath that 31. Savarkar concedes
the Muslim claim to separate nationality, he denies them anv
practical means of expressing it. He, and the party he leads, are
violent opponents of Pakistan. 6Oh yes,' they say", 'the Mus'lims
are a nation, just as much as we are, but we don't propose to
grant them anywhere to live. Oh yes, they are in India, and
unfortunately there are 100 millions of them—heretics and out-
casts to a man—but India is ours, and we intend to keep it so.
Oh yes, it is true that they were the dominant power for rnanv
centuries, and that they were the only people apart from the
British who ever gave India even the semblance of unity, but all
that happened in the past and we have no intention of allowing it
to happen again. Thanks to the British we are now top dog. We
are three to one in numbers and twenty to one in cash. * And when
the British have gone we shall be even more top dog. And how ! *
That is a precise and accurate analysis, in irreverent language,
of the orthodox Hindu point of view. And though Gandhi would
raise his hands in horror at the suggestion that such ideas should
ever enter his sainted head, they very evidently enter the head of
his big business supporters, who have only too frequently been
Tash enough to give public expression to them.
So we arrive, finally, at this conclusion.
The Muslims claim, with passionate fervour, that they are a
separate and independent nation. And they are right.
The Hindus—or at least a formidable percentage of them__
claim with equal fervour that they are a separate and independent
„ nation.   And they are right.
,   But when, the Muslims wish to give logical effect to their aspira-
tions, and form a national home, the Hindus protest to high